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In the fast-paced world of enterprise, efficiency and adaptability are paramount. From the bustling offices of multinational corporations to the collaborative spaces of startups, the need for seamless printing solutions is universal–especially in a world of hybrid work. In fact, according to our recent Distracted Work survey, employees place a high value on having easy access to printing even in today’s digital age. We found that 79% of all workers believe printing helps them focus, and 71% feel they’d be more productive with easy mobile scan and print. All potential productivity and focus comes to a crashing halt when an employee encounters a printing error.

With employees moving from home offices to hot desks to conference rooms and everywhere in between, they need the simplest way to wirelessly locate and connect to nearby printers without juggling different apps and interfaces, and certainly without needing to update software or drivers in the process.

When it comes to enterprise printing, how can IT decision-makers and business owners streamline their print hardware and software for better productivity today–and into the future?

To answer this question, we tapped members of the Mopria Alliance for their insights on secure, seamless mobile printing for the workplace.

Read on to hear from Adobe, Epson, and Lexmark and learn how the Mopria Alliance has been at the forefront of simplifying printing for businesses of all sizes.

“Standardizing on buying Mopria certified printers ensures that your fleet is both future-proof and simpler to install and maintain from an IT perspective. Mopria certified printers are compatible with the latest advances in driverless printing from Microsoft and Google. Rather than downloading and installing device-specific printer drivers from manufacturers’ websites, Windows, and Android support Mopria certified printers ‘out of the box’. Not only is the process convenient, but it also improves security thanks to the implementation on those platforms.”
-Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Strategy & Technology at Adobe


“We have evolved from desktop printing to centralized printing, then distributed printing, and now to printing in a flexible hybrid workplace. Besides device features, usability, and workflow improvement, one thing remains constantly imperative and that is security.

Network security: IT admin is looking for advanced device capabilities that utilize Trusted Platform Module (TPM), SSL, and SNMPv3 support to enhance security as a faulty device can easily become a vulnerability in a secured network.

Data Privacy: Guarding Personal Identifiable Information (PII) has become increasingly critical such as HIPPA for medical; FERPA for education, and GLBA for finance, and IT decision makers often expect devices with the capability, for example, secure pull printing or PIN code job release to avoid compliance violations.

Data Confidentiality: IT admin now evaluates printing devices with significant security requirements because printers/MFPs have become more capable like a computer. IT decision makers expect built-in device access control and print management support to track authorized access and guard against unauthorized access. These solutions will connect to the backend directory services for user authentication.

The bottom line is a secure print infrastructure improves productivity for everyone. IT admin will spend less time fixing print-related problems and more time focusing on other critical issues. Employees will have fewer interruptions in their work. A better print infrastructure is essential for a more productive business future.”
-Dennis Fan, Product Manager, Business Printing at Epson America, Inc.


“Improving productivity through better print infrastructure involves several key strategies:

  • Assess Current Infrastructure: Start by evaluating your current print environment. Understand how many printers you have, their locations, the types of documents being printed, and the costs associated with printing.
  • Implement Managed Print Services (MPS): MPS providers can analyze your print environment and offer solutions to optimize it. They can help consolidate devices, automate supply replenishment, and implement print policies to reduce waste and costs.
  • Implement Secure Printing: Protect sensitive documents by implementing secure printing solutions. Require users to authenticate themselves at the printer before releasing their print jobs, preventing unauthorized access to confidential information.

By implementing these strategies, IT decision makers and business owners can create a more efficient print infrastructure that improves productivity and reduces costs, while ultimately supporting the organization’s goals.”
-Eric McCann, Manager, Technology Portfolio Architect at Lexmark

The simplest way to check all these boxes is with Mopria. A global non-profit membership organization including the industry’s leading printer manufacturers and software developers, our certification program ensures printers bearing the Mopria logo deliver reliable performance and compatibility across various platforms and devices. With the Mopria Print Service app, users can easily connect from Android phones and tablets to Mopria certified printers and multi-function printers, accessing advanced printing features and enjoying our standardized mobile printing experience with every printer they use. Even without Mopria Print Service, Mopria print technology is built into Android, and Windows for smooth, straightforward printing across devices.

To learn more about ways Mopria supports businesses and how Mopria Print Service was designed specifically for business users, visit our Print for Business page. For more details on Mopria Print Service for enterprise mobile printing, our datasheet offers an overview of the benefits of using Mopria in your workplace.

Are your workplace printers already Mopria certified? Check here.

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