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Calling all aspiring do-it-yourselfers, avid craft-makers, clever hack-finders, and everyone in between! Today is National DIY Day, a time for celebrating creativity and the art of making. Beyond cranking out everyday tasks, printers are surprisingly versatile and a secret weapon when it comes to creativity and time-cutting, money-saving hacks. And with Mopria Print Service for Android at your side, mobile printing is easier than ever so you can quickly and seamlessly turn your creative vision into a DIYed reality.

Read on for creative DIY projects you can easily accomplish with your Mopria-certified printer.

Home Decor & Organization

  • Itching to freshen up your space without breaking the bank? Design and print custom wall art inspired by your favorite trends, photo collages, or framed quotes to reinvigorate a room or two.
  • Or step up your organization game with printed drawer labels, storage bin tags, or planner inserts.

Party Fun & Games

  • Add a personal touch to your gatherings by printing your own party invitations, banners or place cards.
  • Why play a generic board game when you could create a custom one? Use a printer to create your own custom game components, with unique cards and game pieces themed to your party.
  • For younger party-goers or everyday fun, print activity sheets, coloring pages, or scavenger hunt clues to keep kids engaged. Do a simple search for “worksheets” on Adobe Stock to uncover countless printable resources.

Fashion & Accessories

  • Add some DIY to your personal style with printable iron-on transfers for t-shirts, tote bags or hats–just check fabric compatibility first!
  • You can also print stencils for creating custom painted designs on clothing or accessories.
  • Giving one of these creations as a gift? Print personalized gift tags or labels!

Learning & Productivity

  • Up your study game with printable flashcards, study guides or cheat sheets for various subjects.
  • Create custom planners, calendars or to-do lists to keep track of your appointments, plans and tasks.
  • Turn learning into a game by printing puzzles, mazes or word searches.

Tips for Successful DIY Printing Projects

For the best results, find the highest quality printable resources you can online, or design your own. Choosing the right paper type is also important–cardstock might be right for one project, but photo paper is best for another!

To take the most control over your printed creation, download the Mopria Print Service app on your Android phone or tablet to gain advanced printer controls like orientation, folding, paper size, double-sided printing, and more. Mopria makes it easy to connect and print to any certified printer on your network, so you can focus on creating–not on tech glitches.

Now you’re ready to take this DIY Day inspiration and run with it! With a creative idea and a Mopria certified printer at your side, there’s no project you can’t conquer.

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