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This has been a year of exciting developments at the Mopria Alliance, rolling into 2023 with the addition of Mopria scan technology support on Windows and Chromebook, celebrating our 10-year anniversary in September, Microsoft’s decision to phase out third-party print drivers in favor of universal Mopria standards, and most recently, welcoming a new Alliance president, Michael St. Laurent.

In the first part of our interview, Michael shared his insights on the future of printing and scanning and his vision for the Mopria Alliance. In this second part, we dive deeper into his expectations and aspirations for his new role, and how he plans to build upon HP’s ten years of membership with the Mopria Alliance.

1. Can you share some insights into the future of mobile printing technology and how Mopria Alliance intends to stay at the forefront of these developments?

The future of mobile printing will be heavily influenced by other trends in the market. Today, those trends are highly focused on security, privacy, and generative AI. We are looking forward to users operating in an increasingly connected environment where they are not in control of the network of physical space in which they are operating. For this reason, the adoption of industry-leading security technologies around encryption and identity is crucial to ensure that information and intellectual property remain safe while users’ personal data remains secure.

This will be paired with the expansion of generative AI that will create a whole new set of capabilities to create content as well as use it for a wide range of purposes throughout the content’s lifecycle.

The Alliance will continue to leverage some of the leading ideas and members to ensure that these technologies remain accessible and incorporated into the existing and future efforts allowing members to take advantage of this shared effort for their users.

2. What strategies do you plan to employ to expand Mopria Alliance’s membership and outreach, ensuring that it remains an influential force in the industry?

To expand the Alliance’s membership, we will need to continue to focus on relevant and pressing needs by end users to motivate new members to join. By increasing the breadth of focus the Alliance has from print and scan to Cloud and enterprise capabilities this will increase the areas in which new members can leverage and contribute. I hope to encourage more software and services organizations to join and leverage the work started by the Alliance to extend those capabilities further and accelerate their own innovation through the collective works of the members in the past.

3. In your role as President, what are your top priorities for the coming year, and what changes or improvements do you hope to bring to the organization?

In this coming year, my top priorities are focused on completing the work started around the Cloud and using its momentum to accelerate the new efforts focused on the Enterprise. This fits with the message of expanding the scope in which the organizations can operate into a space that is highly relevant. As we do this, we continue to focus on enhancing the security of our existing efforts as well as ensuring that we demonstrate an intent to provide best-in-class guidance around security and privacy.

My own style is one of open communication in my collaborations, and I hope to continue to foster a community of inclusiveness that will encourage more members to join, focused on leveraging our efforts in the software space.

4. Mopria Alliance has been instrumental in simplifying mobile printing for end-users. How do you plan to continue making printing more accessible and user-friendly for individuals and businesses?

I have a long history around Cloud connected printing and the benefits that brings with it. With our recent Cloud efforts, I hope to establish a baseline that can be leveraged by all our member companies and find its way directly into the way of work for all users.

The best way to make printing more accessible is to reduce friction and cognitive load, in other words, don’t make people have to think about how they achieve their desired outcome. This implies that we need to find ways to make the experience feel natural, that it is integrated into their existing way of work, and when introducing important features around security and privacy ensure that we can do it in such a way that it feels natural and non-intrusive for users such that they see it as an added benefit rather than a hindrance.

5. Lastly, for those interested in becoming involved with or learning more about Mopria Alliance, what advice or information can you offer to individuals or companies looking to join or collaborate with the Alliance?

My best advice is just to dive in, don’t be afraid. The Alliance is open and inviting. I would encourage those who are unsure to reach out and join some of our working meetings and get familiar with the process. Learn who else is involved and share your opinions. Regardless of whether a company or individual feels they can contribute today, their input is invaluable and can help shape the direction the Alliance will go in the future.

Simply taking part is the first step.

We are grateful for Michael’s leadership and vision, and we look forward to working with him to make the Mopria Alliance even more successful in the future. Stay tuned for more news and updates from the Mopria Alliance, and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news and insights from the printing and scanning industry.




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