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In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly seeking to improve their operations and enhance productivity. One area that often goes overlooked but holds significant opportunity is print infrastructure. When seeking to streamline print setups and improve cost savings and efficiency, cloud print infrastructure offers key advantages.

We’ve tapped print industry experts from the Mopria Alliance for their insights on the ways cloud print infrastructure can answer key pain points for end users and IT decision-makers.

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology & Strategy, Adobe

We see a major benefit in the streamlining of installation for IT, and in training for employees. Rather than installing a printer driver for every printer a user may encounter, a single printer driver that sends jobs to the cloud means a consistent user experience. Print documents can be sent to the cloud with the highest fidelity, particularly when they’re sent as PDF files, and then forwarded to the print device nearest to the user whether they are printing in an office-based workgroup or a remote home office. Doing so enables the printer to receive the document in the format that will achieve the highest print quality, ensuring consistency and performance of the overall system for the user.

Dilinur Wushour, President, Kyocera Document Solutions Development America, Inc.

Improved Accessibility and Mobility: Cloud print infrastructure enables users to print from anywhere with an internet connection. This means users can print documents from their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops, making it easier for them to work remotely or while on the go.
Reduced Downtime: Cloud print infrastructure can reduce downtime caused by printer maintenance and outages. IT teams can remotely monitor and manage printer, schedule maintenance, and troubleshoot issues more efficiently.
Analytics and Reporting: Cloud print solutions can provide valuable insights through analytics and reporting tools. IT decision-makers can use these insights to optimize print environments, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enhance user experiences.

Michael St, Laurent, HP Fellow – Print Software and Consumer Services Chief Architect, HP, Inc.

A growing challenge with a hybrid workforce is the ability for employees to access services with minimal friction while maintaining needed security in place.

A Cloud print infrastructure allows employees to access company services including Cloud storage as well as print and scan devices in the office as well as those set up in the home as a cohesive work environment.  When connected to company security and identity services, the Cloud print infrastructure enables employees to print or scan without concerns about where they are physically located.  Companies can rest assured that investments in zero-trust security including secure authentication and network communications are leveraged for a consistent and accessible experience for employees.

Incorporating a cloud print infrastructure can be a game-changer for organizations seeking to modernize their print environments. The benefits span from cost savings and improved accessibility to enhanced productivity, security, and sustainability.

Embracing cloud printing is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic move that can positively impact your organization’s efficiency and competitiveness in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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