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In an age where digital transformation is rapidly reshaping the business landscape, the Mopria Alliance recently conducted a comprehensive survey in partnership with Keypoint Intelligence to gain insights into the attitudes and plans of end users and IT purchasers when it comes to printing and scanning. The results provide a compelling snapshot of how companies are adapting to the evolving demands of remote work, digital workflows, and security considerations.

We’re breaking down some key takeaways from the survey below, pulled from wider survey data made available to members of the Mopria Alliance.

1. Embracing Remote and Hybrid Work:

The survey revealed that an overwhelming 90% of companies have already established the necessary infrastructure to support remote and hybrid workers in their printing and scanning needs. This underscores the critical role of these technologies in facilitating work from anywhere, ensuring that employees have access to essential tools, even when not physically present in the office.

2. Fleet Expansion on the Horizon:

Despite increasing digitization, 50% of IT respondents indicated their intention to increase the total number of print devices in their fleets between now and Spring 2025. The primary driver behind this expansion is the anticipated surge in business activity. Despite the digital era’s ascendancy, traditional printing still plays a vital role in meeting the increased demand for documentation.

3. Digital Transformation and Fleet Reduction:

On the flip side, 25% of IT purchasers are looking to downsize their print fleets, primarily due to digital initiatives. This reflects an industry trend towards streamlining operations, reducing paper usage, and embracing paperless workflows to boost efficiency and sustainability.

4. Security at the Forefront:

Among IT purchasers, security emerged as the top consideration when choosing a cloud printing service. With data breaches and cyber threats becoming increasingly prevalent, companies are keen on ensuring the safety of their sensitive documents and information when adopting cloud-based printing solutions.

5. Scanning Preferences:

When it comes to digitizing hardcopy documents, the survey showed that a dedicated scanner is as popular as using a mobile phone. This balanced preference underscores the versatility and convenience offered by both options, allowing users to choose based on their specific needs and circumstances. At the Mopria Alliance, we created the Mopria Scan app to provide the best of both worlds, enabling users to intuitively scan documents from a scanner or multi-function printer directly to an Android mobile device.

6. Scanning Workflows:

The top scanning workflows identified were archiving documents, capturing signed documents, and integrating information into business systems. These tasks are pivotal for organizations aiming to digitize their processes and improve accessibility to vital information.

7. Essential Printing Workflows:

The top printing workflows identified in the survey include producing forms, generating documents requiring signatures, archiving documents, and reviewing or editing documents. These findings highlight the continued importance of printing for tasks that involve physical documentation, signatures, or critical business processes. We’ve developed the Mopria Print Service to help streamline these tasks with enhanced print functionality on any Android phone or tablet.

These highlights from our survey data emphasize the dynamic landscape of printing and scanning in today’s digital age. While remote work and digital transformation initiatives are changing the way businesses approach these technologies, there remains a strong demand for traditional print and scan workflows, especially when it comes to security and critical business processes. As companies continue to adapt to evolving needs, they will rely on innovative solutions that bridge the gap between paper and digital worlds, ensuring seamless and secure document management in an increasingly digital future.

This data was collected during a broader study conducted by Keypoint Intelligence analyzing the current and future state of cloud print and scan adoption, made available to members of the Mopria Alliance. To learn more about the Mopria Alliance and the benefits we offer alliance members, such as exclusive access to industry surveys, please see our Member Benefits.

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