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How can printing costs be reduced for consumers? Read on to hear our members‘ perspectives on this topic.


Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology & Strategy, Adobe
When you’re looking for a printer for home, don’t be tempted to choose a printer solely on the initial cost. The least expensive printer might be offset by more expensive ink or toner. Look for information on the page yield from cartridges – you will find that larger capacity cartridges reduce your price-per-page. In some cases, you might find a subscription service for ink or toner is the best value, though be careful – subscriptions tend to ‘charge’ on a per-page basis. If you only print partial pages in black and white you might be paying the same price as a full color photo or slide. Think about what you print most regularly and check the small-print.


Eric McCann, Manager, Software Portfolio Marketing, Lexmark
Consumers are looking at numerous ways to reduce expenses, including finding savings on print and printing supplies. Using a subscription service enables customers to save on print and supplies by only paying for the resources when they need them but giving them the flexibility to adapt to their printing needs with them.



Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
When buying a printer for home use, consider not only WHAT your household will be printing, but HOW MUCH you will be printing. Purchasing an appropriate printer is the first step to savings. Printing lots of schoolwork and reports? A simple monochrome laser printer will limit ongoing costs. Printing lots of both monochrome and color content? A new inkjet printer with refillable ink tank offers the best ongoing savings. Only need to print occasionally? Maybe a color inkjet using traditional ink cartridges is your best option.


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