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Disposable ink cartridge vs. large capacity printer – what is suitable for different consumers? Read on to hear our members‘ perspectives on this topic.

Harvey Shimizu, Chief of Alliance Project, Canon Inc.
Beyond looking at the price of the printers and its consumables, think about Total Cost of Ownership. TCO helps you make informed decisions by estimating and summing up fixed and variable costs over a printer’s intended period of use based on your print frequency. For the hardware cost, disposable ink cartridge printer (A) would normally be lower than large capacity printer (B). The initial hardware cost includes ink cost, but it is also informative to know the page yield of the inks you are printing. Next you will compare printers over a length of three years. In different print frequencies, for less than 20 prints per month, it is clear the TCO for A would usually be lower than B. However, as print volume increases, B now becomes lower TCO than the A. When TCO is applied in choosing the right printer, it is evident that at low-to-moderate print needs of less than 20 prints per month A would be a better option. However, if you require frequent and high volume printing, B may suit you better. Note that TCO helps you to get a better picture of the printer purchase you are considering.

Eric McCann, Manager, Software Portfolio Marketing, Lexmark
Regardless of the technology, we see a shift in the need for subscription-based supplies to accommodate the varying and changing usage of consumers. While the desire to reduce waste and optimize costs remains high, the need for availability will continue to be a priority.



Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
For me, the decision comes down to two questions:

1. Do I want to spend a little less to buy my
printer, knowing I will spend more on ink
cartridges in the future?
2. Am I able to commit to recycling disposable ink cartridges?

If yes to both, go with the traditional ink cartridge printer. If you are concerned with long term ink cartridge prices or with your ability to commit to recycling empty ink cartridges, it might be best to go with a refillable ink tank printer.

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