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What does the future hold for print automation? Read on to hear our members‘ perspectives on this topic.


Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology & Strategy, Adobe
In the office, we’re used to seeing print devices that can print, collate, fold and staple or bind. These capable devices bring the flexibility of producing complex print products within the enterprise, but the extra features can be tricky to use. Tools such as the Mopria Print service can offer opportunities to standardize the user experience, making it easier for users to handle and automate these more complex print jobs.


Dilinur Wushour, Manager, Software Applications Development, Kyocera Document Solutions
Automation in printing is hardly new. It is about removing time, cost and human error from print operation. But getting the right balance – in terms of when to adopt technology and how far to push automation – is one of the bigger challenges faced by the printing industry. The higher the volume and the more repetitive the task, the greater the potential gain from investing in automation.

Advanced print technology is becoming customizable where one can make on-demand things more accessible for customers. Packaging innovation opens up a massive opportunity. The printing sector will remain robust and relevant throughout the digital revolution by adopting new technologies, streamlining consumer needs, and delivering various products and services. Those who have failed to adapt to new technologies and automation will either go out of business or finding it increasingly difficult to stay in business.

Eric McCann, Manager, Software Portfolio Marketing, Lexmark
Print automation will continue to be a focus area for our industry. Providing industry-specific solutions to core business practices, while implementing broad solutions like print release and capture and route enable adoption across a company or organization.


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