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How are the supply chain challenges impacting the printer industry? Read on to hear some of our members‘ perspectives on this topic.

Dilinur Wushour, Manager, Software Applications Development, Kyocera Document Solutions

The supply chain crisis has affected the printer industry as deeply as any recession. With limited supply and higher than usual demand, printer manufacturers are facing interruptions in major materials like paper, ink, toner, printer parts and spare parts.

These disruptions in the supply chain have resulted in increased costs and shipping delays. Significant disruptions in the labor shortage made worse by the pandemic have caused many printer manufacturers to see delays in their orders.

Although we remain hopeful as we wait for things to go back to normal, there currently isn’t an end in sight. Prices will continue to climb, shortages aren’t expected to change, and delays are inevitable for the time being. But with comprehensive risk assessments and flexible response plans, we can make 2023 a successful year for all of us.

Eric McCann, Manager, Software Marketing, Lexmark

Supply chain issues continue to be a challenge across all industries. These issues impact our products’ availability, the development of our next generation of devices and most importantly a renewed focus on the security of the acquired components. On the positive side, it allows us to have fleet optimization conversations with our customers and aids in the adoption of efficient solutions.


Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Like nearly every electronics market, the printer market has been impacted significantly by the component shortage. But now many semiconductor sectors are moving from undersupply to oversupply, as production returns to normal, while device demand drops. As we enter 2023, the print device industry is only now showing signs of coming out of the shortage and it’s difficult to say how far the pendulum will swing toward oversupply. In 2023 we will see a return to stable supply and demand of printer components. The question is how long before that balance is achieved.

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