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The end of the year can be stressful, with planning for the holidays, traveling to see family, buying gifts, and more – but it should be more fun than stressful! Getting ahead of planning and staying organized can help you prepare and focus on what’s important to you and yours. The simplest way to stay on top of your holiday goals is to keep lists regarding everything you need to do, from cooking to shopping to cleaning to traveling. With your phone in hand and your printer nearby, you can easily make lists as you go then print them off to keep a hard copy wherever you go.

Shopping Lists

Once we arrive at December, there are all kinds of shopping trips that you’ll likely be making. With all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget an ingredient you need, or that particular gift someone asked for this year. If you’re preparing a large meal or hosting many guests, print off the recipes that you need (or scan them from books and family recipe cards), and compile all the ingredients that you’ll need into one list. This way, you can shop with each ingredient top-of-mind, even if you have to go to multiple stores along the way. This will also help you avoid things that you don’t need – if you have a list, you really only have to get what’s included there! When looking for gifts, you’ll want to have an organized list with sections for every friend and family that you’re shopping for. Include places to find the items if you like, or options for smaller gifts or alternatives if you can’t find precisely what you’re looking for. Before you hit the shops, look for any deals you can see online, and try to shop during less crowded store hours so you aren’t waiting hours to check-out with your gifts. Even better, try ordering everything you need for groceries and gifts online. Then all you have to do is print out your confirmation, and fit everything in the trunk.

Cleaning Lists

When considering how to clean your home to prepare for guests during the holidays, it’s important to consider not just the cleanliness of your home, but also what you can get rid of. For general cleaning, start by listing each room, and what needs to be done within. Don’t forget to add tasks like restocking things you may be low on if guests are staying over, like toilet paper or extra coffee. The holiday season is also a time of giving, so when you consider what you can get rid of, think about items that you don’t need any more along with things that may get more love if you donate them. For example, someone may need the old hats and coats you don’t use anymore if you got new ones recently, or you may have old toys from previous years that children have outgrown. Make a list before you even go through what you’d like to donate, and include rooms and closets to check through. Then, whether gifts or guests are arriving, there will be space to accommodate all.

General Lists

Even if you aren’t hosting anyone for the holidays, you can still make useful lists to keep you organized. Maybe it’s a list of goals for the New Year, or a general to-do list like shipping presents or holiday films to watch. Whether you’re printing your lists, shipping labels, or return instructions this year, Mopria is right by your side with the Mopria Print and Scan Apps. To discover and try out the different functionalities of these apps, head over to Google Play or download them directly from the Mopria website.

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