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Buying a new home is stressful. There are boxes to pack, paperwork to complete, people to say goodbye (and hello) to, and so much more. Whether you’re moving into your third home or your first home, it’s important to be well-prepared for every step of the process. Even if you’re moving into a new apartment or condo, we have some tips for you to make sure that the entire process goes smoothly from start to finish. And with the Mopria Print Service app at hand, you’ll be able to easily print anything from packing lists, closing documents, and a checklist of last-minute things to do.

Change Your Address

Once you know when you’ll officially be at your new place, be sure to change your address. This will ensure that the new resident isn’t getting your important documents, and that everything is forwarded to your new home. It is also important to update your bank, your job, even your favorite shopping websites, with new address details ASAP. Update any card information while you’re at it as well, so that all bills and purchases go through without issue. You should even head to the DMV to update your information, and get your license changed once you’re able to do so. Along with changing your address, if you’re moving out of state, you’ll wanted to update your license plates on your car as well! Anything with your old address should be updated, especially if you’re moving further away. You can even set a start date for when you’d like your mail to begin being forwarded, so that you don’t miss a single important document or letter.

Take Packing to the Next Level

If you haven’t packed up a home before, it can be quite a daunting task. Walk around your home with your phone in hand, and notate each room you have, or category of items for a smaller place. For example, write down living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc., then drill down into blankets, glassware, sweaters, and so on. Once you have boxes in hand, label them by room and write a description as well, so that you know exactly where things are when unpacking at the new place. Don’t hesitate to donate your unwanted items, both so that you’ll have more space on a moving truck and aren’t taking shirts you never wear anyway to a new place. If there are any important things that you want to have at hand the day you arrive – pack those separately into a designated box. Write down those important details (like a change of clothes, a few dishes, toiletries, etc.) along with the rooms and categories you’ve written down, then send them to print using your Android phone. Having a printed, written list of things to pack and how they’re categorized will help ensure that you don’t forget anything, and you can even print multiple copies to tape up in each room.

Signing Papers and Keeping Documents

No document is unimportant when it comes to moving! Save all paperwork that’s handed to you or emailed to you in multiple places, just in case there’s an issue or you need to refer back to something later. You can scan documents right to your phone using the Mopria Scan app, allowing materials to live physically, on your computer, and on your phone. Should you have a question about something, you’ll have a copy ready in hand to look over. Even re-familiarizing yourself with any details or stipulations on the car ride over can be done right from your phone, should you scan documents in beforehand.

Armed with the advice in this article and a good moving company at your doorstep, you’re ready to move into your new home. Be sure to label your boxes, change your address, and scan any documents that are tied to the move right to your phone. If you landed the new place and can’t wait to print things off at the computer, just use the Mopria Scan Service app to get everything you need.

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