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After years of virtual interviews and strictly online calls, the in-person job interview is returning for many of those currently on the hunt for their next role. Although today’s tech-driven times may cause many to believe that bringing a paper resume to an interview is a thing of the past, this one simple act can actually help you stand out from other candidates in a good way!

Bringing a paper resume to your interview serves many purposes.

It Calms Those First Interview Nerves

As many of us know, nerves can often kick in when meeting with a hiring manager for the first time or chatting with a potential boss, so having a paper copy in front of you can work wonders when you draw a blank. With your experiences and qualifications sitting right in front of you on a tangible piece of paper, you can easily reference it to answer any tricky questions quickly and correctly.

It Demonstrates Preparedness

Although many of us apply through online applications or submit our portfolios digitally, you never know if your future employer will have it in front of them during your interview. They may have misplaced it, forgotten to print a copy, or even run into technical difficulties in pulling it up online. This is your chance to demonstrate your skills of thinking ahead, and save the day with extra copies you brought along. You never know, some interviewers ask you for a copy just to see if you came prepared.

It Serves as a Backup

Sometimes plans change and schedules shift so the person you originally were set to speak with may not be the interviewer that shakes your hand when you walk in. With a printed resume ready to go in your bag, this switch up went from a major stress causer to a simple hiccup. You also never know when an impromptu encounter happens while you wait to be called and this potential colleague asks for a copy of your resume to share with their team. Coming prepared with extra copies of your cover letter, resume, or portfolio just scored you a possible positive recommendation.

It Leaves a Lasting Impression

Although you wowed the hiring manager with your impeccable skills and knowledge of the industry, your interview may have been the fifth one they had that day. They know you are a good candidate, but seeing that paper resume or portfolio on their desk at the end of the day can help them remember why.

Although times change, some things remain the same. Bringing paper copies of your resume, portfolio, or cover letter to your next interview is an easy gesture that can help the interviewer remember why they wanted to meet with you in the first place. Not to mention, that printing is easier now than ever. If you haven’t tried the Mopria Print Service app yet, go download it on Google Play for your Android device now.

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