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How has hybrid work affected printing and scanning in the workplace? Read on to hear some of our members‘ perspectives on this topic.

Eric McCann, Manager, Software Portfolio Marketing, Lexmark
At Lexmark, we have seen an increase in the digital transformation of both print and scan in hybrid work environments. Printing is something that needs to be readily available and flexible for employees depending on if they are coming in for a day in the office or working remotely. We also see scanning as a fundamental need digitizing documents but also enabling access from a range of devices including PCs, phones, and tablets.


Kris Iverson, Principal Development Manager, Microsoft
Employees at Microsoft are returning to a hybrid workplace where meetings are simultaneously face-to-face and remote by using conferencing software like Microsoft Teams. Work routines have not returned to the pre-pandemic “normal” although the volume of print jobs that flow through Windows is exceeding the level measured before the start of the pandemic. Microsoft recently released Windows 11 with new printing features designed for this hybrid workplace. Whether at work or home, Windows offers a new printing user experience, Print Support Apps that allow printer manufacturers to customize the experience, PIN release, and scanning based on the Mopria standard. Microsoft also announced print support for organizations shifting to virtual desktop environments like Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.

Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
As hybrid work and work-at-home have accelerated, the distributed workforce has become normalized. With this, printing has slowed somewhat, while scanning has increased. Traditionally physical processes that have required printing documents have been replaced with digital processes, where printing is not always needed. At the same time, existing physical documents have had to be brought into the digital space by scanning to a digital format. I expect in the future, printing will settle near current levels as a physical off-ramp to digital processes and scanning will continue to be an important on-ramp to those processes.

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