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Following Android 12’s release last October, the search giant Google has officially rolled out the new Android 13 — and to everyone’s surprise, a little earlier this year. This year’s major Android update brings new layers of privacy and security for both consumers and developers, and increased user experience on tablets and large screen devices. From being able to stream messages from apps including Google Messages directly to a Chromebook (similar to iMessage on the Mac), to adding a new system photo picker that gives users a privacy-protecting way to share local photos, there is lots to be discovered with the new Android 13 update.

Along with all of the new features in Android 13 you can still find the Default Print Service which first debuted in 2017 with the launch of Android 8 – the result of an ongoing collaboration between the Mopria Alliance and the Google Android team to power printing in the world’s largest operating system.

What makes the Default Print Service so special (and praised by Android users everywhere) is that it brings a native printing platform to Android OS. This means that you can forget about installing individual printer drivers or downloading any other print apps. The Default Print Service is already built into your Android device! Convenient, right?

So, how does the Android Default Print Service make mobile printing such a breeze? Let’s dive in.

Print “Automatically”

The Android Default Print Service allows phones or tablets running Android 8 or higher to wirelessly connect to a Mopria certified printers over your Wi-Fi network or via Wi-Fi Direct and print practically anything you want. Today, the Default Print Service supports the auto media type feature already offered by many printers. The printer can automatically detect what type of paper it’s printing as soon as it picks it up from the tray (e.g. glossy, heavy or light, plain and so on).

Print Anything

From printing PDFs, photos, emails, to even web pages, the Android Default Print Service allows you to easily print any type of document you’d like. You can print large media sizes too (where the printer supports them). This means you can print high-quality jobs on larger media types, such as banners, posters, displays and more, right from the palm of your hand.

Print Flexible

There is also an “Upgrade Print Service” option of the Android Default Print Service that provides users with extraordinary flexibility in the world of mobile printing. This feature allows users to pick and use another mobile print service app, such as the Mopria Print Service, or a specific printer brand’s app, providing a greater range of flexibility for everyone. This is a step forwarding that makes printing even easier, and creates a simple solution at hand right on your phone whenever you need it.

Thanks to the advanced and always innovating mobile printing technology developed by the Mopria Alliance, users across the globe get access to a convenient way to print from their Android device to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers — without even having to think about it. To learn more about mobile printing, check out the page on how to “Print from Android”.

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