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With the hottest days of summer upon us, it’s imperative to consider the health of your home garden. If you have a garden in your yard, you probably have already done the majority of your gardening work in the spring. However, summer cannot be overlooked as an important time to be checking on your plants. Getting enough water and keeping weeds and pests away are just the start of potential woes to be cognizant of. Harvesting any edible plants at the perfect time will mean getting the most out of them before it’s too late. For those who love to plan, it’s a perfect time to sit down and get a schedule going of how to care for your garden year-round. Whatever your climate and location require, our list of helpful tips will ensure that you’re ready for whatever the weather brings so that your flowers can be the envy of the whole block! Paired with the Mopria Print Service app to print all of your favorite tips and tricks, your green thumb will be unstoppable.

Keep Away Weeds

If you’re not careful, weeds can overrun your garden very quickly! They grow 1-3 inches a day, so check your garden often for signs of weeds. Grab some gloves and a small gardening hoe, and make sure to get all the roots out when you dig up weeds while not disturbing your own garden. Gloves are important to protect against poison ivy, and to keep your hands clean of dirt. Dispose of the weeds appropriately so they don’t spread, and give your garden a good watering while you’re at it! Most plants are okay with being watered three times a week, while young plants and grass seedlings need more than that.

Research carefully what you plant in your yard, and take care accordingly. When you find helpful information on your Android phone, you can simply print the webpage thanks to Mopria technology, and store it in a binder along with your seasonal care calendar.

Start an Annual Calendar

Gardening aficionados will want to keep track of every plant’s need, especially if you have them indoors and outdoors or go out of town often. When you ask your neighbor to plant sit for you, you’ll be glad that you printed off a plant care guide! Start by noting each plant of yours that requires special attention, like vegetables, orchids, or succulents. Include a photo, and information on how often they should be watered and with how much water. Too much could kill a succulent, and not enough could wilt a bush. In addition to notes for while you’re out of town, you can include when flowers bloom, and how the plant should be cared for in winter months if snow frequently covers your lawn. Any useful information should be added – the more plants you have, the easier it is to forget what each one needs.

Repelling Pests and Unwanted Guests

Pests come in many varieties, from tiny bugs you can never seem to catch in the act to rabbits who munch your carefully tended vegetable garden. The best part is, there are plenty of nonchemical ways to keep pests away. Did you know that certain plants are pest-resistant? Smelly garlic and onions are a great way to keep pests away naturally, and then you get to enjoy some extra flavor in your dishes. You can cover your plants with a variety of protectors as well, like a net, cloche, chicken wire, or even crushed eggshells. The eggshells will help fight against slugs and snails. You can use a nonchemical repellant as well if the problem requires it – avoiding chemicals will ensure that pollinators like bees can still access your garden!

With these helpful tips in mind, the only tools you’ll need for your garden are shovels, hoes, gloves, and a good watering can. Should you need to scan information about your plants from their tag or a book right to your phone, use the Mopria Scan Service app to get everything you need.

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