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How has the pandemic spurred innovation in the print industry? Read on to hear some of our members‘ perspectives on this topic.

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology & Strategy, Adobe
The pandemic has caused us to think about who needs to print and why. Whether it’s the need to print a sign because office hours have changed, or announcing a last-minute change of menu, we all benefit from being able to create and print instantly. When we’re not working in co-located groups where we all bring different skills, everyone needs to be able to create and print a sign, leaflet, or announcement – not just the person in the team with the ‘skill’. New tools like Adobe Express, which are easy and quick to use – even on your phone – and compatible with Mopria certified printers mean that anyone can create AND print, wherever you are and whenever you need.


Eric McCann, Manager, Software Portfolio Marketing, Lexmark
Lexmark has seen tremendous growth in the cloud and that is one of our largest areas of focus. We see interest from customers to expand their ability to make large infrastructure changes and are eager to embrace the flexibility the cloud provides. Lexmark has also seen an increase in the move to subscription services and the ability to pay for services as you use them. Clearly, the pandemic has shown us that tomorrow may look completely different than today and our customers are doing their best to maintain flexibility and agility for products, services, and employees in this hybrid work environment.


Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
For those that have needed to work from home, the print industry responded with new printer models and sales approaches that have made home office printers a worthwhile expense. For those that have been going to the office, some new touchless print capabilities have been introduced, so that a user can take what has been printed without ever needing to touch the printer at all. For those that are working hybrid, many cloud print solutions now enable printing through a common interface to any number of printers, in the home or in the office. Ensuring printing is available wherever the user is located has been a focus of the print industry since even before the start of the pandemic.

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