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After two years of travel restrictions, numerous travel documents to be printed and filled out, and countless masks to be packed (and lost), this summer might be the first one back to normalcy. But this year is far from normal. Because so many of us put travel plans on standby, the travel industry appears to be gearing up for a huge summer season. As more people clamor to book their travel, we’ve handpicked our top recommendations to help you get a head start on upcoming summer trips.

Book Flights Early

Travel isn’t just coming back. It’s roaring back.” If you’ve looked at airlines recently you may have noticed prices are higher than ever. This mainly is due to increased consumer demand, although volatile oil prices may be playing a bigger role. Regardless of the reason, airfare costs are unlikely to drop before peak summer travel, so make sure you book your flights sooner rather than later, so you avoid getting priced out of this travel season— whether domestic or international travel.

Print a Packing List

If you’re someone who struggles with packing, a list is just what you need— and with the help of the Mopria Print Service app, printing your favorite list is just a “tap” away. This handy and convenient app allows you to print directly from your Android phone to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers, without any additional set-up. So, make sure you put together the outfits you want to wear ahead of time and think about any extras you need to buy or bring along. And to make things even easier for you, this printable packing checklist will have you covered no matter the trip you’re planning.

Plan Your Travel Itinerary

Even with all these precautions in place, anything can happen: another variant, new travel restrictions, or unexpected documents required to travel. This is why we recommend creating and printing an itinerary for the place you’re visiting. To plan your travel itinerary, you can use weather reports, investigate on social media channels, include the addresses of where you’ll be staying, add costs for tickets/flights, and more. Having an itinerary at hand can help you make the most out of your vacation, so you don’t forget about any places you want to see, or food you just can’t miss.

Research Locations for Your Photos

If taking pictures is your passion, then this tip is just for you. Before you travel, research those picturesque locations that would make for good photos. You can also see what other people recommend, or simply use Google maps to browse through places and see what fascinates you. Once you find those places, add them to your itinerary in the “must-see” section so you don’t forget them. And what makes this even more fun is that you’ll be able to relive your trip once you’re back, as you scroll through the photos to select the ones you want to print and hang around your home.

Whether you’re planning to enjoy some sunshine on a tropical beach, a camp out surrounded by the fragrant scent of pine trees, or walk amongst sculptures and paintings in a museum, these travel tips will help you plan ahead of time so you sink in the moment without any worries. If you haven’t tried the Mopria Print Service app yet, go download it on Google Play for your Android device now.

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