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Graduation season is upon us, and it’s an exciting time for the graduates in your life. Whether someone is moving on from high school, college, or grad school, now is the time to shower them with praise and congratulations. If you yourself are not graduating, you’re probably planning for a big party or traveling out of town to watch them walk the stage to get their certificate. Whatever the festivities or travel plans you have in place, it’s important to be prepared so that the grad can focus on their big day and you can rest assured that you have planned for everything.

If you’re struggling to find ways to celebrate your beloved grads, browse through our list of creative ideas that will make Graduation Day one to remember.

Send Invitations

If you’re throwing a party, whether at home or elsewhere, you’ll want to ensure that your invites look perfect. Include information on location, time, and what people can bring – whether it’s for gifts or food to be shared. Double-check that invitations include information about both where the graduation itself will be held along with your party, then print off a test invite from your Mopria certified printer. Printing out a test will allow you to check that everything looks okay before sending every invite to print!

Know the Agenda

If you have to drive somewhere and park, or have a big day planned with multiple events, you’ll want to know the exact course of the day to relax and enjoy it. If the school has sent an agenda or a link to directions for parking, you can send that email from your Android phone right to your printer thanks to the Mopria Print Service app. This helpful app allows for easy printing with no additional set-up. Print extra agendas so you can share them with friends and family members in the days before the event – this way there’s time to plan, but not enough time for someone to lose the events of the day in a sea of emails.

Send a Card

Whether you’re able to be at the event or not, sending a card is a wonderful way to make your grad feel acknowledged for all their hard work. If you’re running late, you can always print off a card before you head out. Include a heartfelt message, and you can even make your own envelope with tape or glue. If you have kids, get them involved in the fun and have them design their own cards and envelopes to bring along!

Now that the big day is all planned for, don’t forget to bring something to share and a camera to remember it all. For a special gift, you can send later, use the Mopria Scan app to scan your photos, then create an e-card or a scrapbook to commemorate the day. Congratulations to those graduating this year, and enjoy the celebrations!

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