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While some are going back to the office, others are working on a hybrid model or still working from home entirely. Having a home office comes with a variety of unique situations: from being on video calls all day; to having to juggle your children playing around you while presenting during a call. However, being at home means that there are certain amenities the office provides that you may or may not have access to. Maybe you’re missing the café in your building, or a favorite desk chair. You could go to a coffee shop close to home or buy a great chair for your home office, but something you’ll find invaluable for both professional and personal needs is a home printer.

Why is a printer such a must-have? Not only are there eco-friendly options you can choose from, but also different sizes and functions for whatever capability your home may need. Read on to learn why having a printer can make working from home a breeze.

1. Avoid Eye Strain

Staring at the computer screen for too long can cause you to become tired and unfocused, and may even negatively impact your vision. Printing a document as opposed to staring at your computer can help you better visualize with pen and paper where any errors might be, help you read through it and ensure that everything flows well. You can even easily print from your Android phone to more than 120 million Mopria Certified printers. With such a long list and constantly growing, chances are that if you have a printer at home, it is Mopria certified.

2. Simplify The Learning Process

Whether you’re giving a presentation or viewing one over Zoom, printing out the slides gives you the capability to have half the sheet of paper dedicated to notes! This ensures that you don’t get distracted during a presentation. In fact, taking notes on a computer can lead to feeling tempted to check emails or work on other projects, something that has been showcased in a survey conducted by the Mopria Alliance covering “Employees’ Distractions”. By having a physical paper at hand, you can keep notes on it so that nothing is lost in an emergency, and you can be fully prepared for your big speech.

Not only will you be thankful to have the ability to print off documents for note-taking, but you can also print off shipping labels easily right from your desk. This way, you don’t have to head to a printing center before sending off important items, you can save time by adding the label yourself and then dropping it off directly at the shipping center.

3. Ease of Access

When working from home, your printer/scanner and your Android phone are a perfect pair for scanning important documents. The Mopria Scan app allows you to scan documents from your scanner or multi-function printer (MFP) right to your Android phone. Once connected, you can use the application to control your scan settings, initiate your scan, organize and rename your digital scan and even share the scanned data with other people with just a tap.

For whatever printing and scanning needs that your job requires, Mopria is right by your side with the Mopria Print Service and Mopria Scan apps. To discover and try out the different functionalities of these handy applications, head over to Google Play or download them directly from the Mopria website.

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