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All professional chefs live by a strict code: The kitchen is the kingdom, which means it’s absolutely necessary to keep things spotless. Now, you may be thinking that you’re not a professional cook, so this doesn’t apply to you. Or you could be thinking “easier said than done”. But the reality is that whether you cook every day or once a week, keeping your kitchen clean and organized can make the cooking process efficient and even more fun – no one likes cleaning countless crumbs on the floor and washing a pile of dishes with a full belly.

To help you get started on this task, we have chosen a few simple, yet quick tips that will help you keep your kitchen tidy as you go. And with the help of the Mopria Print Service app, you can create the best cooking environment right from the start and with the convenience of simply using your mobile device!

Prepare Your Work Space Before You Start Cooking

Before you dive into preparing your delicious meals, you need to ensure everything is in order. From emptying the dishwasher to cleaning the countertops, it is important that the space is clean to give you room to work. Another effective strategy to help you keep your kitchen organized (before you start cooking) is printing the recipe you’ll be using. If you keep your printed recipe close at hand, you can easily view it and it’ll most likely be faster to pull up that using your mobile phone. With a printed recipe, you also have the instructions and the ingredients all in one place, so you can avoid having to scroll on your phone to view the different elements. This is where the Mopria Print Service App comes into play, making the process of printing easy and fast. Thanks to this app, all Android users can simply connect and print to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers directly from their mobile phones.

Clean and Wipe As You Go

A fresh spill is a lot easier to clean than one that has baked onto the surface. When you spill something on the floor, or on the stovetop, wipe it right away. When you use a knife or utensil, you should wash the tool immediately, or at least place it in the dishwasher. Having a cloth and a spray at hand is critical in ensuring the wiping happens as you go. Another tip is to set up a garbage bowl: this will help you keep your cutting board free of peels and trimming, so you can use it safely to chop more food.

Right Before You Start Eating

This is the craftiest of tips. If you have a few minutes to spare while your food is cooking (we all know boiling water can be slow), take time to wipe counters, put items in the dishwasher, and even dry anything that’s already been washed. You can even start the dishwasher if full, or soak some stubborn items in the sink while you eat. This will allow you to sit down and enjoy your tasty creation, knowing that your kitchen is relatively clean and organized and won’t require much work after dinner.

As you’ll learn to incorporate these cleaning habits into your cooking, you might end up feeling more confident and want to experiment and take your creativity to the next level. If (and when) this happens, Mopria will be right by your side to help you print all the recipes you need. If you haven’t tried the Mopria Print Service app yet, go download it on Google Play for your Android device now.

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