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Spring comes with the blossoming of flowers, sweet aromas in the air, animals coming out of their winter hibernation, and temperatures rising. But spring is also associated with facing those areas that get forgotten during the rest of the year and getting ready to tackle those DIY projects that have overwhelmed you. Even if you are not a handy person, there are a lot of home projects that are doable, and can even allow you to learn new and useful skills along the way.

To help you give your home a little sprucing up while expressing your creativity, we’ve handpicked our favorite home DIY projects for this season— and with the support of the Mopria Print Service app, tackling these projects will feel just like a breeze. This innovative and handy app allows Android users to connect and print to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers directly from their phones, without additional set-up.

Spring Cleaning List

Perhaps the most obvious project, spring cleaning is a must-do. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as coming home to a house that sparkles. But cleaning your home top to bottom can be overwhelming. This printable spring-cleaning checklist is just what you need: from a deep clean of your entire home to working on those dirtiest spots (the refrigerator and shower curtain, to name a few) when you have some extra time on your hands.

Grow Your Own Garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can provide you with fresh food at your fingertips while giving you an excuse to be outside and improve your wellness. To properly maintain a garden, there are certain tasks that need to be done daily: from knowing how frequently you need to water your seeds, to which food you need to give them, to how to take care of the soil based on what you intend to plant. This printable garden planner can be very handy, so you can keep track of your harvest over time.

Donate and Declutter

If you want your home to feel lighter as you enter spring, decluttering your space is a great first step. Consider donating the “good items” instead of enduring extra work and frustration trying to sell them. The more often you donate, the better you will feel about not having a mess while clearing the clutter. Grab and print this printable decluttering checklist: it can be used for any room and walks you through the process of organizing your space step-by-step.

Create a Bouquet of Paper Flowers

If the flowers outside haven’t flourished yet, you can still add some colors to your home. This paper flower tutorial only requires you to print some colorful paper (the more paper you have, the more vibrant your garland will be), and use scissors and hot glue to piece everything together. Use them on cards or glue them on stems for a wilt-proof bouquet to showcase in each room of your home.

With these spring DIY projects, you’ll be able to add personality to your home, while saving money and putting your skills to the test. With some patience, some basic supplies, and the help of the Mopria Print Service app, everything will be a piece of cake. If you haven’t tried the Mopria Print Service app yet, go download it on Google Play for your Android device.

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