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We asked some of our members to provide insights on the future of touchless operations and printing and this is what they shared:

Eric McCann, Manager, Software Marketing, Lexmark

The need for speed is going to drive touchless operations.  One of the core functions of our Cloud Print Management solution is the deletion of documents past a certain threshold of time. We have now seen numerous customers reduce that time and enable auto-release to provide a more convenient yet still secure solution.


Dilinur Wushour, Manager, Software Applications Development, Kyocera Document Solutions

The pandemic has changed the way we think about touching shared surfaces. When we return to our offices, we will likely find ourselves in a post-quarantine world in which many people prefer to limit their contact with high-touch surfaces. Office printing is one example of a regular business workflow that often requires touching a heavily trafficked shared surface. Companies are already inquiring about alternative printing workflows in preparation for a very different future. Touchless printing can be an effective solution that does not require any interaction with the printer control panel. To address this need, Kyocera released mobile applications for touchless control panel operations that include printing, scanning, and copying.

Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

In response to concerns over spreading disease via shared equipment and initiatives to make office equipment more accessible, many printers already include some great touchless features. Depending on your printer, you may be able to connect wirelessly without needing to touch the printer and to print using voice commands, holding your phone near a printer, or scanning a QR code on the printer. Expect these innovations to continue and to expand to also include cloud printing. Today you might need to enter credentials on the printer control panel to release your print job. Soon, that might be a thing of the past, and simply being near the printer with your phone in hand may be enough to release your printout.

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