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What will printing trends look like by the year 2025? We asked some of our members to provide insights on this topic.

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology & Strategy, Adobe

Personal printers will continue to be popular for “instant” printing of documents. User’s expectations are for high-quality prints and flexibility to handle a range of purposes from printing school homework to recipes for dinner, to business documents. Increased working away from a central office will mean that for sophisticated printing like two-sided, booklet printing, and collation of multiple sets we might want to visit a local location rather than travel to a central office to collect our prints. This will lead to increased demand for printing from quick-print retail and shared work locations closer to home.


Mike St. Laurent, Print Software Chief Architect and Distinguished Technologist, HP Inc.

User expectation for the flexibility accessing quality print jobs with a predictable and secure outcome will continue as the new “workspace” is defined over the near term.  Users will expect the flexibility of mobility, with access to all device capabilities, regardless of device type of submission method.  Additionally, whether printing at home or in the office, customers will expect the highest level of security from the safety of their data before and after printing as well as the security of their identity when authenticating to a printer regardless of where it’s located and who is managing it.


Eric McCann, Manager, Software Marketing, Lexmark

A key trend in printing will be availability and convenience. Optimization is occurring in every industry and print is a critical component of that. The need for print will continue with a focus on printing what’s needed on a readily available system with all the core capabilities required – color/mono, finishing, paper, etc. a readily available system with all the core capabilities required – color/mono, finishing, paper, etc.


Kris Iverson, Principal Development Manager, Microsoft

With a rise in international organized crime and state-sponsored ransomware, Microsoft expects organizations to re-evaluate their security posture. We anticipate fast adoption of zero-trust-networks along with a reduction of on-premises servers. Customers will integrate cloud solutions like Universal Print. Some customers will shift to Cloud PC options like Windows 365. Windows devices will transition to a modern print platform supporting Mopria certified printers with customization provided by print support applications (PSAs). By 2025, custom printer drivers will no longer be common, printing will be easier to manage, and enterprises will be more secure.

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