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Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and it’s just around the corner! This day is an annual festivity to praise romantic love and admiration for your loved one, typically celebrated by giving a romantic gift. But finding the right gift time after time (or even for the first time) can become difficult. That’s why choosing homemade gifts can often take some of that pressure off your shoulders, while still letting you express your creativity and affection through a thoughtful and fun gesture.

Below are some of our favorite ways to show your love on this special day. And what we love about them, is that they only take some time and a few basic supplies— and remember, when you need to print any of the crafts mentioned, the Mopria Print Service app will be the loving best friend by your side. This useful app lets Android users connect and print to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers directly from their phones without additional setup.

“Be My Valentine” Card

There’s no easier way of saying it: your significant other or best friend is simply Your Valentine. And what’s great about Valentine’s Day cards is that you can pour all your emotions down to paper by writing everything you feel about them. For this card specifically:

  1. Print some heart-shapes and color them however you prefer– who said hearts have to be red?
  2. Glue the printed hearts to a blank note card of a folded piece of cardstock
  3. Write “Be My Valentine” with crayons or markers
  4. Hand it to your loved one and you’ll be set for the big day

Did Someone Say Valentine’s Dinner?

Nothing speaks louder than a romantic dinner – well, something does, and it’s your loved one cooking that dinner for you! Although going out to a fancy restaurant can be fun, making a special Valentine’s Day dinner in the comfort of your home can be a great way to celebrate the love you share for one another. To help you decide on your anything-but-ordinary Valentine’s Day dinner, we have hand-picked our favorite recipes that will make the perfect night in.

  1. Heart-Shaped Pizza: The recipe for this homemade, delicious dish only requires minimal ingredients, and the pizza is ready in no time– it’s also great to eat while watching your favorite Valentine’s Day movie.
  1. Chocolate Mousse Cup Hearts: For all the dessert lovers out there, this recipe will melt your loved one’s heart. This sweet dark chocolate heart cup is filled with rich chocolate mousse and topped with red heart sprinkles so you can end the evening right.
  1. Chocolate Martini: for those who like to explore, the recipe for this chocolate martini will give you the best of both worlds, combining dessert and after-dinner drinks into one. This is an easy cocktail that combines two creamy, sweet liquors with a bit of vodka, and some chocolate syrup.

A Movie That Speaks Romance

In our opinion, there are few better ways to spend Valentine’s Day than with a romantic movie and your friend or partner by your side. For a little help, this printable list compiles over 160 titles (from sweet “Cinderella” to a classic option like “The Breakfast Club”), so you can pick which one is best suited for your evening plans. So, grab your remote, a scented candle, and fire up one of these films for a cozy night that will rival any party.

Whether you are spending this day with a special someone or getting together with friends, these ideas are the perfect way to observe Valentine’s Day and show appreciation for the people you love— and with a little help from Mopria, celebrating can be even easier!

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