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Even before the pandemic started, the world was already embracing digital avenues that were changing how people operate in their everyday lives: from ordering groceries online to buying food through a simple click of an app, to storing and reading books on a single device. But what COVID really changed is the way we work, and as many companies shift back to a more hybrid solution, it is important to make the workplace a safe and efficient place for all.

There are many ways this can be achieved, including the many applications and helpful tools that facilitate communication between teams working in a hybrid setting. In fact, managing a mix of employees working on-site and remotely is not easy, but you can make things work with the help of technology. Here are some of our favorite applications to facilitate team management and streamline processes in a hybrid workplace.


Using a board to brainstorm with the team has proved to be an effective way to problem-solving and foster a sense of community – collaboration works best when everyone is included in the process. Thanks to the app called SimpleMind, everyone on the team will be able to participate in the brainstorming session, regardless of whether they’re in the office or at home. SimpleMind is a cross-platform mind map editor that allows visual thinking on multiple device types including Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android. Thanks to this app, everyone on the team will be able to visually follow the actions-on board, so that even if they’re in different locations they can collaborate together.

Mopria Print Service

Even with a world moving towards digital, printing continues to be valuable and many consumers still choose that over digital. To make things easier in the printing space, the Mopria Alliance has developed an app that combines the reliability of paper with the innovation of technology. The Mopria Print Service app allows you to connect and print from your Android device to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers (regardless of manufacturer), making mobile printing a breeze. You can print documents, web pages, emails, and photographs from your mobile device without the hassle of installing any additional software or drivers allowing you to easily print regardless of the printer’s brand.

And if you are ever in need of viewing a printed document on your mobile device, the Mopria Scan Service app allows you to scan files directly from a scanner or multi-function printer to your Android device, so you can view any files on the fly.


In a world where distractions were already bombarding employees in the office, hybrid work and work from home have made it even more difficult for people to concentrate (does your dog barking or children screaming ring any bells?). Luckily, the user-friendly app Freedom has thought of a way to block distractions and help you stay focused. The app allows you to set time limitations on disrupting sites like social media apps on both your mobile phone and computer and even lets you block the entire internet for a period of time. Freedom can be synced across multiple devices, so it works whether you’re working from home or in the office.

Hybrid work seems to be the future, giving businesses and workers the flexibility and advantages of both worlds. The transition brings opportunities as well as challenges, but hopefully, these apps can help you ease the shift to this new way of working.

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