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The Mopria Alliance exists to make mobile printing and scanning simple. Members – including the world’s largest printer manufacturers from Canon and HP to Samsung and Xerox – work alongside one another to provide and maintain universal standards to seamlessly connect devices.

As we turn into a new year, the standards group is proud to promote a new Mopria milestone – reaching the 6,000 certified printer model mark. The continued growth around this certification program confirms that while we all find ourselves doing more in the digital world each day, there is still strong reliance and demand to have information in hardcopy form.

Mopria standards make it easy to move digital content through the air and onto paper. More than 120 million certified printers from manufacturers around the globe choose to implement Mopria standards in their best-in-class products.

As our world continues to be more mobile and extraordinarily connected, we’ve come to expect things to ‘just work.’ The Mopria logo ensures your printer conforms and is able to receive requests wirelessly from an Android device using either the Mopria Print Service app that’s available in the Google Play store, or by using Android’s Default Print Service. It also ensures a smooth printing experience when working with Windows, as the program automatically installs Mopria certified printers – eliminating the need for additional software or drivers and giving users an easy connectivity experience.

The Mopria Alliance looks forward to continuing to facilitate print and scan functionality for convenient, enjoyable and productive interactions between our digital and physical worlds. To read more about the innovative manufacturers behind easy printing and scanning, visit

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