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The new year is often felt like a fresh start and an exciting opportunity to establish new routines that can help us be healthier and grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually – who hasn’t resolved to lose weight, cook a new recipe each day or even run a marathon? But resolutions are much easier to make than to keep and by the end of February, many of us have already lost some steam (suddenly that marathon you wanted to run seems too difficult!).

So, what can you do to make it more likely to keep your next resolution? From making attainable and realistic goals to having your friends support you, to putting more time into planning, the following tips can help you stay on track with your resolutions – and enlisting some help from technology can make it even easier. With the Mopria Print Service app, Android users can connect and print to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers directly from their phones without additional set-up. This handy mobile app could just help you beat the odds!

“See” Your Goals

Visualizing your goals can make you feel a greater sense of accountability, thus increasing the chance of accomplishing them. In fact, there are many studies that prove that people who write down their goals achieve those desires at a significantly higher level than those who don’t. So, grab your trusted mobile phone (or use the old pen and paper), then write your new year’s resolutions. Print them out and place them where you can see them every day. You can even add a list of things you might do to achieve that goal, and note any obstacles that stand in your way.

Document Your Progress

Given the digital world we live in, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile phones have replaced the reliable journal and are now used by many as a diary. After all, who doesn’t have a phone in their pocket all the time? Keeping a resolution journal with information on how your progress is going, when any relapses occur, and what might have triggered them can help you stay on track. If it’s easier, you can even print the documented progress each week or month, and highlight actions in different colors. By understanding the challenges, you will be better prepared to deal with them in the future.

Plan Ahead

Brainstorm how you will tackle your goal, then instead of relying on pure desire or willpower each day, start planning ahead. If your resolution is to work out more, print out a week’s worth of workouts each Sunday so you don’t have to think about how to fit it all in. If your resolution is to cook more, then print out your chosen recipes for the week. If you want to read more books, print out a list of recommended books every month and cross them off as you read them. Your resolution should never just be another item on your to-do list.

But most importantly, remember to be kind and flexible with yourself and to celebrate any and all progress along the way. It’s not just the end goal that matters—it’s the journey along the way.

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