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If you can already smell the sweet aroma of maple-glazed ham and taste the rich flavor of baked mac and cheese in your mouth, it means that the holidays are in the air! But with the holidays just around the corner comes the pressure of buying a gift. For many of us, choosing the right gift can be difficult and sometimes nerve-racking– remember that beer hat that your friend bought that you immediately hid in the closet?

But this year you won’t need to be stressed, because we thought of a gift that will be extra-special and that won’t be placed away in a junk drawer or hall closet: a handmade scrapbook. In a year where most of us are still working from home and can be isolated from friends and family, pictures become the gateway to feeling closer to each other. But digital photos on your phone or camera can be quickly forgotten, which is why scrapbooks are a great way to honor those memories. With a scrapbook all the photos are in one place, so you can flip back to the past whenever you want.

There are so many ideas you can use for making a scrapbook and we have selected a few of our favorites here. So, arm yourself with your wonderful memories, some basic scrapbook supplies, your Android phone, and the Mopria Print Service app. Thanks to this handy app, Android users can simply connect and print to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers directly from their mobile phones. What are you waiting for? Let’s start the crafting journey!

Themed Scrapbook

You can theme an entire scrapbook and format it in various creative ways, and if you are making one meant specifically for the holidays, then a good idea could be printing and using photos from previous holiday events. You can also cut out the printed pictures with shapes that remind you of the holidays: from trees to a snowman or even a bow.

Mini Books Within a Scrapbook

You can create small albums for your scrapbook, each with a story to tell—the ones dedicated to past holidays, concerts, birthdays together, and more. Choose and print your favorite pictures, and use stiff paper covers along with paper spines to give the scrapbook a fancy hardcover vibe.

Collected Memories Scrapbook

This is probably the most classic idea, but what better way than compiling all your favorite photos into a scrapbook and presenting them to your loved one? And if you want to spice this up, you can also destroy the monotony of the box shape of your printed picture and give them some visual interest. Cut your photos into circles, hearts, octagons — whatever you want.

Map Scrapbooks

Since the pandemic has made traveling difficult for everyone, this scrapbook idea is perfect to bring your friend down memory lane. Print the maps of places you have been on a journey before, whether through foreign lands or in your own city. These maps will be the show-stopping features of a travel scrapbook. The printed papers will become colorful and fitting backdrops for vacation memories.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s no better way than a scrapbook to honor your memories and let your creativity flow. If you haven’t tried the Mopria Print Service app yet, go download it in Google Play for your Android device.

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