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The tech community has been talking about Android 12 for a while now, with rumors on what it would include, change, or remove. And the wait is finally over! From adding privacy-related features, complete control of your phone from facial expressions (get that smile ready) to changing colors of the interface (which ones are you going to pick?), the new update doesn’t let you down. And to make everything even more exciting, the new Android 12 update includes code contributions from the Mopria Alliance, adding new and enhanced printing capabilities to the Android Default Print Service for Android mobile devices.

For those of you who don’t know, Android 8 and higher devices have a core printing capability already built in the phone, and it’s called the Default Print Service. This means there’s no need to install a print service or download a mobile printing app because it’s already there!

With shifts in where we work, how we communicate with our colleagues, and new ways to deliver services to consumers – mobile printing in libraries, scanning receipts, etc. – mobile has evolved to become an essential technology in our lives. To keep up with the ever-changing innovations, and the new Android 12, Mopria Alliance has provided print technology that enables new features in the Android Default Print Service. So, what are these new features and how can they improve your experience when using the Default Print Service?

Pick What you Want

Some of us are very loyal to our brands – who has waited in line at Starbucks just to get that pumpkin spice latte because nothing tastes like it? Well, not all consumers feel the same. There are lots of people who want to be given the option to choose when they can, even if they end up going back to the same product. This is where the new feature in the Default Print Service comes in, allowing users more flexibility in the world of mobile printing. How? By letting you pick and use whichever mobile print service app you want, whether that be the Mopria Print Service App or a specific printer brand’s app.

Let the Printer Work Its Magic

The Default Print Service now gives Android users more efficiency by supporting the auto media type feature. This may sound like Latin to you, but many printers on the market today already offer this. It means that the printer is able to automatically adjust itself for the type of paper you select in your print settings. So, whether you choose light paper, plain paper, heavy paper, or glossy paper, the printer will automatically detect which type it is as soon as it picks up the sheet of paper. Magic, right?

Large Files? Not a problem.

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent hours curating a document, editing a file, or modifying an image, only to see that the file is too large to even upload anywhere. Well, the new printing technology contribution from Mopria included in the Default Print Service will now support larger media sizes, so you can print high-quality documents or media types – such as banners, posters, displays, signage, and more from their mobile device.

So, make the most out of mobile printing with the Android Default Print Service which offers a convenient way for you to print from your Android device to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers. To learn more about mobile printing, check out the “Print from Android” page now.

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