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Mobile and desktop scanning is a trend that will continue to grow so we asked our member experts from HP, Inc., and Lexmark for their insights on the topic.

Mark Shaw, Imaging Strategist and Distinguished Technologist, HP, Inc.

The continued increase of document scanning is just the beginning of a journey that is going to drive a large number of technologies within the industry. For a long time, the advanced features that have been found on more expensive devices have seldom been found on lower-cost consumer devices. As scanning becomes more common, customers’ expectations for small scanned file sizes and good performance will drive the industry to deliver solutions in the cloud or on the edge. This coupled with users’ expectations of “ease-of-use” means we can expect to see more and more AI/ML-driven approaches to solve customer problems.

Eric McCann, Manager, Mobile Solutions Marketing, Lexmark

The need to have anytime, anywhere access to business documents will drive scanning from all mediums. When someone logs in to complete a task, they need access to the core business content as well as the supporting documents to help achieve a workflow.


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