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Mopria Alliance members offer insights on how printing is changing in education and the long-term impacts post-COVID:


Rhea Adhikary, Future Product Manager, Solutions, HP, Inc.

Post-COVID, students may find that their classes and study sessions are now more digital than ever and require a more interactive experience. That digital and physical element in studying is imperative for knowledge retention, especially in non-classroom settings. Printing will play a large role in these immersive study experiences. Printed elements, like worksheets and readings, need to be meaningfully paired with robust digital platforms where students can scan in their progress and remain highly engaged in the material. I think “printables” will move from isolated supplemental learning, like we’ve seen students engage with, into more integrated study lessons. I believe the future of immersive learning uses print in tandem with personalized digital experiences to create fun study sessions for learners while boosting their retention and academic performance.

Eric McCann, Manager, Mobile Solutions Marketing, Lexmark

Educators will need to serve students both digitally and with paper-based documents, providing equal education regardless of the medium. That will drive more adaptive print with color, language support and even learning graphically. graphically.



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