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Many of us have adapted to working from home or have moved to a hybrid work model where our time is split between home and the workplace. As we look ahead, how will this impact scanning trends in 2021? Here are a few Mopria Alliance members who offered expert insight on this topic:

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology & Strategy, Adobe

From research we’ve done at Adobe, people who work from home are slightly more likely to scan documents than those at an office. I put that down to the need to attach documents to records that are otherwise already digitized, and that might have been delegated to others in an office situation. At home, you must perform all the tasks yourself! In 2021 due to more people working from home, either the demand for high-quality scanners will rise, or the usage of scanning apps will rise.

Eric McCann, Manager, Mobile Solutions Marketing, Lexmark

Scanning is a portion of digital transformation that continues to expand. The increase in remote work will drive the need for documents to be available through portals because of the broad access requirements. The question will become whether a process can be completed digitally or will still require a paper backup.


Philip Mazzilli, Staff Product Manager, Printers & Imaging, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

A distributed workforce means more work needs to be done digitally. Tasks traditionally done on paper must now be handled virtually, since everyone can’t review the same paper while far apart. Scanning can move a physical document into the virtual space and there are now many ways to do just that – using a dedicated scanner, using the scan function on a multifunction printer, or taking a picture of the document using a phone’s scan camera app. Expect usage of these kinds of solutions to increase as people continue to work from home or move to a hybrid work model.

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