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After a global pandemic wiped sports off the map, the Tokyo Olympic Games are a welcome return to normal. Although not everyone is an avid sports fan, very few people don’t enjoy watching their own team competing to take home the long-dreamed gold medal. One of the easiest ways to maximize your Olympics experience is to gamble for fun with friends and family.

The best thing about betting on sports with friends is that it doesn’t require any specific skills or knowledge, and you can play with any stakes everyone agrees to – from money, candy, office supplies to fake cash. And what makes betting on the Olympics all the more fun is that you can place bets on sports that almost everyone understands.

There are a number of ways you can bet on the Olympics, but a key part of the tradition is physically printing out the betting sheets. If you’re sitting with your friends and have either created or downloaded a printable bracket on your phone, you can use the Mopria Print Service app to easily print the document directly from your Android device. Simply connect your phone to one of the printers in the long list of Mopria certified printers and press “print”: your betting sheet is now ready to be distributed amongst your friends so you can track everyone’s progress on it. There’s nothing more satisfying than writing down the winning team (and scratching out the losing one!).

To help you maximize your sports betting fun during the long-awaited Olympic Games, we have selected a few of our favorite and most common types of bets.

Medal Count

You can put down money on what country will win the most gold medals in the Games. In addition to gold medal count, bettors can get odds on total team medals and also bet the over/under on golds or total medals won by country.

Proposition Bets

If you want to get your creative juice flowing, this type of bet offers an opportunity for some interesting ones. You can come up with over/under bets (how long will the Opening Ceremonies last?) or comparison wagers (what will be bigger: the number of medals won by Australia in track, or the number of home runs by the Cubs that same week?).

Individual Athletes for a Medal

For almost every individual sport, whether it’s track and field, swimming or fencing, you can pick the player that you deem will be the winner for that category. Based on your research and/or personal preferences, you can choose who you think will win gold, silver, or bronze medals.

Yes or No Bets

In this case, many bets offered will be simple yes/no scenarios. Will Team USA be the country with the most gold medals? Will Usain Bolt win the 100 meters? Will Caeleb Dressel win the men’s swimming competition?

And remember that you don’t have to be an expert on curling, badminton, or ski jumping to bet the sport. Just have fun with your loved ones and appreciate the time spent together cheering your favorite teams and athletes!

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