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In many countries around the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as an entire day set apart and reserved for love.

According to American Greetings, there were several people who were dubbed Saint Valentine, but the one who is most closely associated with the holiday was St. Valentine of Rome. He was a priest during the reign of Claudius II who, apparently, banned marriages in an effort to keep his army strong. St. Valentine wouldn’t let war stand in the way of love and secretly performed marriages during the ban. He eventually was caught and sentenced to death. Shortly before his execution, he passed a love note to his jailor’s daughter that was signed “from your Valentine.”

The tradition itself has evolved over the centuries, but one thing has remained the same: you can’t have Valentine’s Day without Valentine’s Day cards.

Below are some sites that will take some of the pressure off by giving you some fun, lovely ideas on how to express your love on this special day. And remember, if you are browsing through these and other sites for Valentine’s Day printables, use the Mopria Print Service app, which you can download in Google Play for your Android device. It helps you open your heart to the ones you love by printing Valentine’s Day cards right from your smartphone or tablet.

Thirty Handmade Days has a lot of great ideas for Valentine’s Day (and many other holidays). For instance, if you print your own Valentine’s Day wrapping paper, you can download the file as a PDF and then print to your heart’s content to wrap all your presents in words of love.

FTD offered an alternative to the time-honored tradition of chocolates and flowers with 30 Printable Love Coupons That Will Make Their Heart Melt. Print these pages to make a book that lets you SHOW how much you care. Some examples are: Home cooked meal; Getting the car washed; Master of the remote control day; Breakfast in bed; A relaxing foot massage; Dinner at a favorite restaurant and many more. leans into the fact that the sappy romantic approach isn’t for everyone. They have some fun, light and unabashedly snarky Printable Funny Valentine’s Day Cards that bring the laughter… and the love. Print them, trim away the extra, fold them in half and you’ve got a brilliant card to say, “You are pretty much my favorite husband.” Pure poetry.

The Spruce Craft comes to the rescue with 14 Easy DIY Valentines for Kids that are perfect craft ideas for your kid, or the whole class! The ideas include printable popcorn labels, Bunny bags, candy toppers, punched-out heart treat bags, silly pun cards, and more. You and your kid will be a DIY Valentine’s Day hero.

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