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Read on for a short interview with Mike Scrutton, Director, Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe, discussing the value of Mopria Alliance.

Why is it important for your company to be a member of the Mopria Alliance?

Adobe pioneered the Desktop Publishing revolution and providing solutions enabling the printing of users’ documents and artwork has always been at the heart of our DNA. Mopria has been key to the success of enabling printing from mobile devices and is striving to make printing easy for everyone – irrespective of the device they are using, or the printer they have. Adobe brings a wealth of experience in print to the broad membership of Mopria, and to Mopria users.

What benefits does your participation in the Mopria Alliance bring to your company? 

There are few other places where we can meet with fellow collaborators in the printing industry looking to achieve the same goals Mopria. By defining and implementing common standards and protocols, we’re able to accelerate the adoption of print technologies for the benefit of everyone.

What do you want users to know about Mopria?

Mopria works to provide core benefits to anyone who is looking to print a document, whether that be a photo, a document, a presentation, a letter, and whether that’s at home or at the office. It’s a one-stop solution.

How is your company advancing mobile printing and educating mobile users?

We’ve worked to standardize our printing and workflow technologies around PDF, which really is ubiquitous today. It’s not just a technology for the commercial printing sector, it’s for office and home users as well. While the Adobe PDF Print Engine was our first solution, which powers much of the commercial printing sector today, our latest Adobe Embedded Print Engine provides the same quality and robustness for office and home printing whose users are increasingly mobile. Mopria leverages PDF printing technology for mobile printing, and truly embodies the idea of “printing for everyone”.

What are the challenges users experience with printing and how can Mopria help solve those?

The biggest problem tends to be that users want to print “right now, and without fuss”. They see something (on whatever device they are using) that they want on paper, and even if they can see a printer with their own eyes they don’t know how they can get what they see on their screen onto sheets of paper. Maybe they know how to do it at work, but they don’t know how to do it at home (or vice versa). Mopria makes it easy to print wherever you are, on whatever device, and to any Mopria compatible printer. It really takes the hassle out of printing.

What Mopria Alliance accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

That users only need to know one thing – that if they have Mopria on their device, and on their printer then they’ll be able to print with ease. We’ve really managed to deliver on that.

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