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Microsoft recently announced that there are more than 1 billion people across 200 countries are using devices currently running Windows 10. That’s a lot of people! And what’s great about that is Windows 10 (Oct. 2018 Update) supports the Mopria standard, which makes printing from the hundreds of millions of Mopria certified printers easier for everyone.

This means you can print to a printer from a mobile device or PC, giving you more options and freedom to print when and where you need to. For example, when traveling, you can connect to multiple printers in new locations, or print whether you have an internet connection or not.

The Mopria print technology supported by Windows 10 provides the most commonly used print options. You can still easily customize color, print quality, resolution, number of copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type, orientation, input tray selection, and output bin selection.

Easy Steps

Printing from Windows 10 is easy, but the process may vary a little depending on how the app you want to print from was designed. For example, for a desktop PC, all you have to do is hit ctrl + p on the keyboard and you’re on your way to printing from Windows! Digital Citizen spells out the various other ways to print, for instance, apps from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 generally include a “Settings and more” button (…) or a “hamburger” button (☰) that can usually be found in the top left or right corner of the screen. If you click or tap on it, it opens a menu with options that should include Print.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to get from screen to printed page, in fact, Dummies spelled it out well when they said it’s great that there are so many options, but it can sometimes feel like “wading through a sea of menus.”

That said, when working from the desktop, the following are the most common methods:

  • Choose Print from your program’s File menu.
  • Click the program’s Print icon, usually a tiny printer.
  • Right-click your unopened document’s icon and choose Print.
  • Click the Print button on a program’s toolbar.
  • Drag and drop a document’s icon onto your printer’s icon.

If a dialog box appears, click the OK or Print button, and Windows immediately begins sending your pages to the printer.

No Drivers

One of the most helpful benefits of printing from Windows 10 and the support it brings is the ability to simply not have to worry about downloading the latest driver to get the printer to work, which has been a painful necessity for several years. If you want to install a new printer in your home or office, Windows will automatically discover Mopria certified printers and enable printing to them. This eliminates the need for you to install any additional software or drivers, allowing you to simply and easily print, regardless of the printer’s brand.

Printing from Windows 10 is one more way the Mopria Alliance and its member companies are making printing easier and better than ever before.

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