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As 2020 finally creeps to a close, you may be wondering if it’s time to relaunch your business in the new year. The short answer: yes. While the pandemic likely threw a wrench into your expansion plans, the world is learning to live with the way things are now. Because of this, you’re going to have to readjust your marketing plan, and look for ways to get your name out into the world without hitting rock bottom on your bottom line. The Mopria blog offers some great tips below.

How much does marketing cost?

You can market on any budget. But, you will likely have to spend some money to get the proverbial ball rolling. If you don’t have much in savings, Zen Business recommends looking for public and private options that can help financial marketing goals. Many companies offer grant programs and the government continues to accept applications via the Main Street Business Lending Program or the Small Business Administration Express Bridge Loan

Your Marketing Plan

When you have your money in hand, use it wisely. A good first place to channel your marketing energy is into social media. Using sites, like Facebook, you can set your own budget, choose your demographics, and create an ad targeting people that you would like to patronize your business.

Another great option is to print your own marketing materials. Keep in mind, however, that paper, design, and content are three crucial factors. While you may pay a premium for good paper and a quality printer, doing it yourself is much more cost-effective compared to using a print shop. And, using many free online design programs, you can even print from your mobile device without investing in new software.

Social media and print marketing can only take you so far, you’ll also need to channel some time, energy, and money into other digital avenues, such as search engine optimization. SEO is essentially making your content more visible to online searchers. You’ll need to do some keyword research, and there are resources online that can help you do that, like Entity Explorer, which functions much like Google. However, instead of results for your search term, it shows you supporting searches, which can help you come up with stronger and more relevant content.

Freebies Are Fun

One of the best marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes is to give things away. It sounds as though it might be pricey, but, with a few smart choices, it doesn’t have to be. Business swag does not have to be sweatshirts and backpacks, and even an inexpensive drink kuzi or ink pen will help with brand recognition. You may also offer free downloads of exclusive content specifically for customers who sign up for a newsletter or special offers.

How To Choose A Demographic

No matter your marketing budget or strategy, one thing remains the same: you have to define who you plan to market to. You cannot simply cast a wide net if you have a tight budget. When you know your niche, you can narrow down your customer base. Start by looking at your current customers, and then take a look at who the competition is marketing to.

You don’t necessarily want to chase the same customers, but do take the time to understand what makes you different and who that might appeal to. As Inc. notes, your target demographic can be narrowed down by occupation, city, income, age, gender, or other factors, including personality and lifestyle.

When it’s time to start marketing your business, whether you are a startup or are relaunching after a lengthy shutdown, you don’t have to drain your savings to get it done. The above tips are cost-effective and can help you be seen when you’re ready to get back to business.


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