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Read on for a short interview with Dilinur Wushour, Manager, Software Application Development at KYOCERA Document Solutions, discussing the value of Mopria Alliance.

Why is it important for your company to be a member of the Mopria Alliance?

By joining the Mopria Alliance as an executive member, KYOCERA is confirming its stance as an active participant in the pursuit of a standardized, intuitive, and wireless printing environment. Mopria Alliance is a concentrated effort by software designers, OS providers, mobile device designers, and printer manufacturers. Our mutual goal is to achieve intuitive printing in any environment, regardless of locations or platform. It is where today’s customers want us to devote our attention.

Joining the Mopria Alliance is a strategic initiative undertaken by KYOCERA to expand the capabilities of its award-winning MFPs and printers.

What benefits does your participation in the Mopria Alliance bring to your company? 

As a member of the Mopria Alliance, KYOCERA leads the way in providing users with a simple way to print via Android mobile devices. The technology is available with Kyocera devices, giving workforces increased mobility and flexibility in how they manage their documentation.

Given the growing trend of mobility in modern workplaces, applications like Mopria Print Service and Mopria Scan have become a staple in day-to-day life. Whether in the office, at home, or on-the-go, professionals can now access their nearest device to print crucial documentation with ease.

What do you want users to know about Mopria?

Mopria Alliance provides universal standards and solutions for print and scan. It enables basic wireless printing and scanning for Mopria certified products.

The Mopria Print Service and Mopria Scan applications make it simple and secure to print and scan documents via mobile devices. Once installed, your Android phone or tablet automatically connects to Mopria certified products on the same Wi-Fi network.

Windows 10 also supports Mopria certified products so when you install a new printer and a Windows Update is not available, Windows will automatically install the Mopria certified products.

How is your company advancing mobile printing and educating mobile users?

As mobile has evolved to become an essential technology in the workplace, it has become increasingly crucial for KYOCERA to integrate mobile print options that increase flexibility, convenience, and empower employee efficiency. KYOCERA has a page dedicated to mobile printing solutions and FAQ that helps our users discover KYOCERA’s mobile printing and scanning solutions.

What Mopria Alliance accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

Mopria has announced that there are now more than 4,000 Mopria certified printer models, equating to more than 120 million certified printers worldwide from various manufacturers in the Mopria Alliance.

Recently Mopria announced another important adoption milestone: Mopria technology installed on over 2 billion Android and Windows devices around the world.

These results speak to the ability of Mopria Alliance members to build a unified collective effort working towards a common goal.

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