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The Mopria Alliance is very proud of the work it has done to provide powerful print capabilities to the new Android 11 update. The Alliance collaborated closely with the Google Android team and contributed software code, which, among other things, makes it easier to print, adds new options, and enables printing from thousands of apps that you couldn’t print from before.

One of the most exciting new capabilities is the “Share-to-Print” feature of the Android Default Print Service. This lets you print images and documents from all kinds of social media and productivity applications directly from their Android device. Practically any Android app that allows users to share image files such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, and PDF, now also includes a simple option to print those items as well.

Pictured: “Share-to-Print” feature of the Android Default Print Service

Ingrid Kelly, Chairperson of the Board at the Mopria Alliance said, “With this update, we set out to integrate print features that would make the lives of our users easier and continue to push the envelope of what we can provide with our Default Print Service. We achieved those goals in the Android 11 update and we are excited to continue to invest in and demonstrate our commitment to providing an enhanced printing experience for our Android users.”

A number of other improvements were added to the Default Print Service, including:

  • In-depth print options, such as the number of copies and color preference
  • Options for improving image orientation on a page to eliminate excessive white space and minimize the risk of unintended cropping
  • New capabilities to retain high resolution in photos, resulting in a cleaner image, free of pixelation artifacts

Pictured: Photo printing through the “Share-to-Print” feature of the Android Default Print Service

For people wanting to maximize the features available in their printers that may not be supported by the Default Print Service, the update adds an on-the-fly selection of other brand-specific print services and the Mopria Print Service. Users are able to select and install these additional print services directly in their print workflow to enable even more print features.

Pictured: On-the-fly selection of additional print services

Did you know … Mopria print technology has been installed on more than 2 billion devices, including select Amazon Fire, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy, and ZTE devices and it simplifies printing from these Android devices to more than 120 million Mopria certified printers! So, the odds are good that if you’ve got an Android device and a printer, you can easily print more things than ever before.

To take full advantage of the capabilities offered in the Default Print Service update, be sure to update your Android device to Android Version 11. For even more printing features, users can install the Mopria Print Service app from the Google Play Store.

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