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Read on for a short interview with Ingrid Kelly, Strategic Alliances, HP Inc. and Chairperson, Steering Committee, Mopria Alliance discussing the value of Mopria Alliance.

Why is it important for your company to be a member of the Mopria Alliance?

With the proliferation of devices in the home and office, it is crucial that the printing experience for customers is seamless and easy to use. Cross-collaboration between the member companies in the Mopria Alliance enables us to deliver native printing and scanning standards and solutions for customers that use Android, Fire and Windows devices.


What do you want users to know about Mopria?

Today’s consumers desire simple and secure printing anytime anywhere. The Mopria Alliance works continuously to simplify print and scan services while improving consumers’ printing experience.

How is your company advancing mobile printing and educating mobile users?

HP continues to advance the industry by ensuring that customers can print in a few simple steps, wherever they are. HP has a website dedicated to mobile printing, that helps customers learn more and start printing quickly.

What are the challenges users experience with printing and how can Mopria help solve those?

Ease of set-up and use are the biggest challenges for consumers. Mopria delivers an easy print experience in Android, Fire, and Windows as well as allows customers to have the same experience across devices from many print manufacturers.

What Mopria Alliance accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

The Mopria Print solutions are now installed on over 2 billion Android, Fire, and Windows devices around the world. This enables customers to print seamlessly anytime anywhere. This wouldn’t have been possible without the cross-collaboration of the Mopria Alliance members.

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