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Read on for a short interview with Qian Guo, Marketing Manager from Zhuhai Pantum Electronics, Ltd. discussing the value of Mopria Alliance.

Why is it important for your company to be a member of the Mopria Alliance?

Being a member of the Mopria Alliance helps us provide users with a simple and seamless way to connect to our printers and multi-function printers and this is an important benefit to the competitiveness of our products.

What benefits does your participation in the Mopria Alliance bring to your company? 

Our participation in the Mopria Alliance gives us the opportunity to provide a universal mobile printing option that helps us better meet user needs and improve product satisfaction.

What Mopria Alliance accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

Mopria has become an irreplaceable part of the industry with millions of certified printers, multi-functional printers, and scanners around the world.  Mopria provides a uniform standard of connections and applications for printing and scanning, bringing simple, efficient options to users globally.

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