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Weekly game nights are a fun, lighthearted way that some people choose to get together and spend quality time with friends and family. With some friendly competition, game nights can be a nice way to unwind, unplug from work, and reconnect with loved ones.

However, as the world has turned virtual, how can game fanatics keep game nights alive? Video conferences are a popular medium to continue hosting game nights, and these online sessions can be enhanced with the help of Mopria mobile printing.

Here are a few of our favorite ways that game lovers everywhere can keep these weekly traditions alive:

Print game boards and their pieces

If you’re new to the world of virtual game nights, you can keep the classic, traditional feel of game night alive by having physical game boards and their pieces. Finding boards and pieces online, you can print these game night staples from your mobile device to have on hand, as you play.

You can coordinate with your other game night attendees to ensure that everyone has the proper board or pieces to play together.

For example, with the game “Scattergories,” you can easily print its topic sheets from your mobile device and physically fill them out in preparation to share your answers with the other players. This will keep players honest (they can’t change their answers if they are in pen), and keep the fun of playing with physical game pieces.

Print game instructions

Aside from having game boards on deck as you host virtual game nights, you should also consider having the rules nearby. For a game that attendees are unsure how to play or unaware of the game’s technicalities, you can print its rules from your Android device.

Having the rules next to your device as you play, you can keep game nights on course with minimal discourse over the rules.

While mobile printing can help with virtual game nights, it does possess other benefits for your everyday life. To try out Mopria and to explore some of its other functions, you can download the app here.

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