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As more people shift to being at home full-time, they have to adjust to this way of life. From work to entertainment, people are finding new ways to stay engaged and connected.

Birthday celebrations are a perfect example of this new normal. If you can’t blow out your candles surrounded by your friends and family, how can you best celebrate your birthday virtually?

Video conference calls are a popular choice. Here are a few of our favorite ways that you can enhance these virtual gatherings:

Tip #1: Print Festive Party Decorations

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, or that of a loved one, your video background should be somewhat festive. With Mopria, you can print banners, themed images, or signs from your mobile device, and hang them on the wall behind you during the video call.

These paper creations are a fun, easy way to enhance any virtual celebration.

Tip #2: Print and Scan Birthday Cards

Homemade and handwritten cards are often a special keepsake on birthdays. If you want to create your own card or write down a thoughtful message on a card template, you can print from your mobile device, scan, and share your card creations.

Using the Mopria Print Service app, you can easily print these thoughtful birthday messages right from your mobile device. Or if you create a special birthday message or picture, you can scan it to your mobile device and easily share it with a loved one.

Tip #3: Creating a Craft Together

If you’re artistically inclined and want to put a spin on your virtual celebration, you can coordinate a craft with your party attendees. With Mopria, you can print from your Android device a paint by numbers guide to fill at the same time or assemble a paper craft together.

You can use this creative and collaborative party craft to get your entire group involved.

To try out Mopria and explore some of the other benefits of mobile printing, you can download the app here.

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