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As we talked about in a previous blog, working from home can be easy with mobile printing. However, as more people shift to being at home full time, what is there to do after work ends at 5:00 p.m.?

While binging popular TV shows can fill the void for a while, you still might burn out. Finding creative ways to stay entertained can help you decompress after work, take a break from staring at screens, and break up your day with new activities.

Here are five creative ways that you can use mobile printing to entertain yourself at home:

Make Origami

A fun and creative way that you can entertain yourself at home is making origami. With Mopria, you can seamlessly print different origami templates and their instructions right from your mobile device.

With your printed guide, you can create a variety of animals or shapes. These paper creations can make fun keepsakes for your home or a thoughtful gift for other members of your household.

Print Coloring Pages

If you have children at home or are a big kid at heart, you can find a variety of free coloring pages online. You can print those pages and the artists of your household can start coloring inside the lines (or not).

Read Short Stories and Articles

If you need to give your eyes a rest from looking at a screen, you can use Mopria to mobile print short stories or articles from your device that you have been saving to read. With a relaxing cup of tea, you can mull over these reading materials and learn something new.

Create a Scrapbook

If you have meaningful photos from a recent event or vacation, you can preserve those memories by making a scrapbook. With Mopria, you can easily print the photos you want to include and begin designing your new album.

Print Workout Exercises

With more time at home, it can be easy to deviate from your workout regimen. However, you can find a variety of free workouts and exercises to do online. You can print these guides and exercises, and keep them easily accessible as you proceed with your at-home workout.

To try out Mopria and to see the benefits of its easy mobile printing technology, you can download the app here.

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