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In a previous blog entry, we announced that the Mopria Alliance hit the milestone of over 4,000 certified printer models in the wild. Today, we are announcing another important adoption milestone: Mopria technology has been installed over 2 billion times!

Even more impressive is the fact that this figure has DOUBLED in just less than a year and a half. That’s right! It’s been only 15 months since we passed the 1 billion installation milestone, and we’ve added another billion since then. If there was any indicator of the value of easy wireless printing, this is it.

So what does it mean to say that we have reached 2 billion installations? It means that on more than 2 billion occasions, Mopria technology has found its way onto a Mopria compatible device, including those using the Mopria Print Service app, the Default Print Service offered in Android 8, 9 and 10, the Samsung Print Service for Samsung Galaxy phones and the Windows IPP Print Solution on Windows 10 devices.

What it also means is that the demand for mobile printing in order to print things like web pages, documents and pictures is higher than ever, and users are taking advantage of mobile printing to streamline their everyday workflows at home, at work and abroad.

How is Mopria enabling them to do that? Mopria technology provides users with flexibility and simplicity in connecting their device to a wireless printer. No additional software or drivers are required, and with Mopria, users get universal compatibility with more than 120 million certified printers, regardless of the manufacturer. It even works with Wi-Fi direct, meaning that if users do not have the wireless printer connected to a network through a router, they can still send print orders directly from their device to the printer.

Do you have access to a Mopria certified printer? Is Mopria installed on your Android device? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! You’ve joined the billions of users in the modern mobile era who are using their devices to their fullest potential.

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