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Read on for a short interview with Phil Mazzilli, Senior Product Manager, Printers & Imaging from Qualcomm discussing the value of Mopria Alliance.

Why is it important for your company to be a member of the Mopria Alliance?

Philip Mazzilli, Sr. Product Manager, Printers & Imaging at Qualcomm and member of Mopria Alliance

Philip Mazzilli Qualcomm

Qualcomm is in the position of having interests in the handset market, PC market, printer market, and the emerging IoT market. We work within the Mopria Alliance to bring our unique perspective to help drive standards that will be meaningful and useful across these markets. Our goal is to ensure that the standards developed by the Mopria Alliance best reflect not only the technological needs of today but also the future.

What benefits does your participation in Mopria Alliance bring to your company? 

While Qualcomm continues to develop cutting-edge technology, we depend on standards organizations to develop technical standards that work for entire technology ecosystems. We benefit from adding our perspective to standards as they are being drafted and refined, as well as being able to use the published standards to help make our products useful.

What do you want users to know about Mopria?

The Mopria Alliance is dedicated to providing not only standards around printing and scanning, but also delivering technology that enables those standards. The Mopria Alliance has developed printing and scanning apps (Mopria Print Service and Mopria Scan) as well as contributed Default Print Service code to Android that is now included in hundreds of millions of phones and tablets as part of the basic Android OS functionality.  Mopria depends on contributions from member companies to create world-class applications for printing and scanning.

What are the challenges users experience with printing and how can Mopria help solve those?

Printing can be a challenge sometimes. Questions that users might have include:

  • How do I connect my PC or phone to a printer?
  • What printer driver or print service do I need?
  • What is my printout going to look like after it’s printed?
  • How do I get my printout on 2-sides of the paper?

Mopria has really been focused on making printing an easy experience. Our focus has been to remove any confusion around print drivers and print services by supporting printers from any manufacturer with a single solution. From Windows to Android devices, Mopria has helped remove the confusion.  Install once and print to any modern printer.  But we actually went a step forward by removing the install part on many phones and PCs.  The Android OS now includes the Default Print Service, developed by Mopria as a standard feature.  Windows 10 includes Mopria printing by default.  Now, printing is not only available through a single solution, but that solution is provided, by default, in today’s modern operating systems.

What Mopria Alliance accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

When I started working with the Mopria Alliance, there were zero published Mopria specifications, zero certified products, and zero installs of Mopria technology.  Today, we have multiple standards published, over 4,000 printer models have been certified, and Mopria technology is installed on billions of Android and Windows devices worldwide. I am most proud of being a part of that growth and am looking forward to the future as we continue to develop standards for next-generation products.

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